Whole Home Water Treatment

Debates exist regarding the necessity of home water treatment. Some dismiss its importance, while others advocate for it fervently. Here, we shed light on why it holds significance.

This guide aims to outline the benefits of water treatment for you and your home. Discover the diverse treatment options, their mechanisms, and the advantages they bring to both you and your household.

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Water Filtration & Softening Solutions

Beyond ensuring your family has access to safe, pure, and refreshing drinking water, water purification systems offer an array of unparalleled advantages for your Robbinsville Township residence. By installing water filtration and softening systems, you unlock unexpected benefits that include:

– Softer hair and skin
– Reduced rust, scale, and scum buildup in your shower
– Minimized spots on dishes and less residue in your dishwasher
– Cleaner laundry requiring less soap
– Safeguarding water pipes and household appliances
– And much more!

Water filtration systems effectively eliminate harmful contaminants and pathogens, ensuring your family’s well-being. Meanwhile, water softening systems prevent the adverse effects of calcium and minerals in hard water on your kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry area.

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What Causes Water Hardness?

Elevated levels of magnesium and calcium in your tap water lead to the creation of hard water. Apart from potential health concerns, hard water can stiffen your clothing post-wash and leave behind a white residue on clean dishes.

Introducing Water Softeners

By installing a water softener from All Clear Plumbing and Drains, you ensure the safety of your drinking and cooking water. We handle servicing and installation for most water softener brands available. Reach out to our Morris County and Roxbury Township water treatment specialists today for all your installation and repair requirements.

Selecting the Right Water Softener

Amidst the array of water treatment and purification systems available, each system serves distinct purposes. Determining the suitable one hinges on your specific concerns:

  • Opt for water purification systems if you seek better-tasting and safer drinking water. These systems filter your drinking water, reducing contaminants and minerals akin to premium bottled water. However, they don’t address the effects of hard water on your home’s pipes and fixtures.
  • Consider a water softener to minimize mineral buildup on plumbing fixtures. This solution combats the detrimental effects of hard water, such as fixture corrosion and residue, contributing to cleaner dishes from your dishwasher. While water softeners don’t notably enhance water taste, they may leave some contaminants unresolved.


What is the process behind water treatment?
Initially, water undergoes filtration to eliminate physical particles such as dirt, sediment, and certain bacteria. Following filtration, disinfection is employed to eliminate any remaining microorganisms. In cases where the water is deemed "hard" due to high mineral content like calcium and magnesium, a water softening process is utilized to substitute these minerals, preventing scaling within pipes and appliances.
How does water conditioning vary from water softening?
Water softening is a process that specifically addresses hard minerals in water, such as calcium and magnesium, by substituting them with sodium or potassium ions using a method called ion exchange.
How does water treatment differ from water filtration?
Water treatment and water filtration systems have distinct functions. Water treatment systems, encompassing water conditioners and softeners, initiate a chemical process that eliminates or neutralizes impurities like calcium and magnesium.
What is the recommended frequency for servicing or replacing my water treatment system?
The service or replacement schedule hinges on the specific water treatment system in use. Generally, it's advisable to have most systems checked annually to guarantee optimal performance.
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